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100% Mobile Payment
NO Hardware Required

How display payment works

Merchant displays store QR code on front desk

QR code is linked to merchant app account 

After shopping, customer scans merchant QR code

Selects payment method and authorizes payment 

Merchant and customer gets instant payment confirmation.

Gocarts mobile payment
Gocarts mobile payment

How mobile payment works

Merchant Inputs amount to be received in app

Clicks request payment & generates QR code 

Customer scans displayed QR code on merchant device

Selects payment method and authorizes payment 

Instant payment confirmation for both parties


Our partnership program gives merchants direct access to our community. Their stores are listed in app which attracts several benefits.

Increased Sales Potential
Improved Business Visibility
Enhance Consumers Experience
Great exposure to new audience
Be a part of a global community
Improved credibility with target customers

Gocarts mobile payment

Business Benefits

Gocarts mobile payment

High Sales

Instant mobile payment helps merchants serve
10x more customers and increases sales potential.
Gocarts Mobile Payment

Enhance Experience

Reduce wait time with fast personalized mobile
checkout that improves shopping experience. 

Gocarts Mobile Payment

Secure Checkout

All transactions are protected by encrypted
tokenized numbers to prevents theft and fraud. 
Gocarts Mobile Payment

Less Interaction

Prevent touching credit cards and public
equipments with less human interactions.


Low Operation Cost

Reduce equipments cost. We are 100% mobile
we DO NOT require hardware devices.

Improved Data Insight

Gives merchants insight on customers buying
behavior to enable forecast on future demand.

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Consumers Benefits

Saves Time

All transactions are completed in
three easy steps Scan, Pay & GO.


No need to carry loads of cash or wallet.
Make payment on your personal mobile device.

Secure Checkout

All transactions are protected by encrypted
tokenized numbers to prevents theft and fraud. 

Prevents Impulse Buys

Fast checkout prevents
overspending and improves budgeting.

Protects Information

Sensitive payment data is masked and
replaced with tokens for maximum protection.

Personalize Experience

Payment on personal mobile device
reduces wait time and improves user experience.

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GOCARTS app is available for

all smartphones