What is GOCARTS app
Gocarts is a mobile payment application that helps merchants accept fast and secure payment on mobile devices. Benefits includes: Increase sales potentials, improve store productivity, serve 10X more customers, It’s secure, fast and convenient, lower equipment’s cost, real time spending overview helps budgeting. To find out if Gocarts is right for your business, get in touch.
How does GOCARTS app work?
For stores that support self-checkout: Listed below are steps to getting the app and completing your first transaction

  • * Download app, create account and log-in
  • * Use in app store locator option to locate partner stores
  • * Customer picks up items from store aisle
  • * Scan items barcode
  • * Add items & adjust cart then checkout
  • * In app payment is prompted after checkout.
  • * Payment confirmation, purchase receipt & QR-code verify
  • * We accept all payment methods.
For stores that do not support self-checkout: Listed below are steps to getting the app and completing your first transaction

  • * Download app, Create account and Log-in
  • * Use in app store locator option to locate partner stores
  • * Customer picks up items from store aisle
  • * Proceeds to store merchant at the front counter
  • * Payment request is generated by merchant
  • * Customer scans payment QR-code
  • * Approves payment and gets virtual receipt
Can I see an overview of my spending through the app
Yes, Gocarts app is designed to help both customers and merchant track their real time spending, which helps in budgeting and staying on top of your finances.
How can I retrieve my receipt on the GOCARTS app?
Payment receipts are virtually sent via email, text messages, and in app notification pop ups. This notification solely depends on the options chosen by customer. Once an order is completed, customer’s mobile device beeps with notification of items purchased, price, quantity and location displayed. Receipts can be found on the notification tab in the app and can be reviewed anytime.
How can we partner with GOCARTS?
  • Our partnership program gives merchants direct access to our community. Their stores are listed on the app and they enjoy several benefits. For more information on partnership, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be glad to walk you through the process.
What makes GOCARTS different?
  • * GOCARTS app gives merchant autonomy and flexibility to customize and process payment anywhere
  • * We are different because we are solving a life long problem through our Scan, Pay, and Go technology.
  • * We enhance daily customer shopping experience, help increase business sales and promote sustainability for the world.
  • * We eliminates the use of expensive POS terminal equipment’s and setup fees
  • * The convenience of purchase on the go will transform retail and many industries
What payment methods are accepted when using GOCARTS app?
We accept all methods of payments: Credit card, Debit card, Paypal, Visa, Master, Discover, Amex, Google pay, Apple Pay etc.
How safe is GOCARTS app?
Gocarts app is safe and reliable. We integrated multi function authentication (MFA) and one time password (OTP) to verify your identity when logged in. We also make sure customer’s physical credit or debit card information is no longer required when transacting. In app transactions are more secure because payment data is replaced with unique identification number called a “token” which helps in masking and preventing customers information from malicious POS attacks.
How can we download GOCARTS app?
Downloading Gocarts for users or merchant is easy and fast. Our app is a progressive web app (PWA), which means it’s 10X faster to download when compared to other native apps. The app requires very little storage space and it can be used on both IOS and Android devices. To download Gocarts app for Merchant or User, go to www.gocarts.io/services click on the option that best suits your needs either merchant or user. Once download is complete, launch the app and start enjoying shopping on the GO. Our team is also available to walk you through the process if required. You can reach us at [email protected] we hope to hear from you.
How does GOCARTS app plan to sustain the world through its technology?
  • * Our technology does not require the use of plastic cards anymore but rather virtual bank cards
  • * Our virtual payment receipts eliminates paper receipts which helps make the world a safer place for all
  • * Transactions are conducted in app, which lowers crimes rate by reducing the use cash

Still got questions, please contact us.