Become a Merchant

Gocarts mobile payment

Become a Gocarts Merchant


  • Fill out the merchant application form below.
  • Verify information
  • Set-up account
  • Add existing bank account to Gocarts merchant app
  • Start accepting payment from customers.


  • Earn 10x more with low transaction fees 2.9% + 30¢.
  • No set-up fees
  • No monthly fees required.
  • Printed QR codes or generate in app QR codes for every transaction.
  • No expensive device required, start earning with your personal device.

Don’t worry, the software is on us.

Become a Gocarts Merchant in Seconds

Download the app

Install app then
create a profile

Add an account

Add debit/credit cards, E-wallets,
Crypto and bank account details

You're all set

After verification, you are ready to
start paying and accepting payments

Benefits of Gocarts Merchant App

Business Growth

Fast payment means more earnings

Expand business reach

Cost savings on equipment

Increase sales and productivity

Cut down on paperwork

Added Security

Encrypted payment data

Secure QR code transactions

MFA- multi factor authentication 

OTP- One time password

Biometric authentication 

Easier Bookkeeping

Less data entry 

Instantly send digital receipts and invoices 

Instantly review transactions for tax purpose

Eliminate backlog of paper receipts and invoices

Real-time overview of spending helps budgeting

Gocarts Merchant Signup 

Business Information

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