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To become a Gocarts Mobile Payment Merchant all you need to do is sign-up, link your existing bank account to Gocarts Merchant App and start accepting instant mobile payment from your customers by scanning your assigned store QR code.

Serve 10X more customers and reduce physical interaction when using Gocarts mobile payment.

For efficiency, merchants are allowed to use printed QR codes or instantly generate QR code for each transaction through the Gocarts Merchant App.

Shopping experience is improved, payment security is enhanced and checkout is faster.

Real time overview of sales transactions and budgeting. 

Gocarts mobile payment

Become a Gocarts Merchant in Seconds

Download the app

Install Gocarts app and
create a profile

Add an account

Add and verify virtual card or
bank account details

You're all set

You are ready to start paying and
receiving payments

Benefits of Gocarts Merchant App

Efficiency For Consumers

On average, we spend about 60 hours shopping per year.

Gocarts Mobile Payment saves time by enabling fast, secure in app checkout. 

Access clear real-time overview of spending.

Protects personal information from theft and fraud.

Provides an enjoyable, secure and personalized shopping experience.

Growth For Business

Gocarts Mobile Payment prevents abandoned shopping carts that cost the global retail industry over $500m daily and $200B annually.

Fast checkout Increase merchants sales potential.

Reduces labor and equipments cost.

Gives autonomy and flexibility to merchants.

More customers are served in a shorter time which increases store productivity.

Sustainability For The World

Gocarts Mobile Payment is 100% mobile and Eco friendly technology that eliminates the use of plastic cards and paper receipts to make the world a safer place for all.

Prevents spread of virus.

All receipts are virtual. 

Instant access to cash assets.

Promotes the use of virtual bank cards. 

Reducing the use of cash, lowers crime rate.

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