Faster way to pay Simply scan, pay and Go

Gocarts saves merchants costs of equipment’s by enabling them accept payments faster on mobile devices.

Why Gocarts?


Fast Checkout Increases Sales

Fast checkout increases sales, reduces abandoned carts and improves customer experience. Excited customers re-engages store.

Helps Budgeting

Gocarts help users limit time spent in store and also keeps track of their spending.


Improves Customer Experience

Engage customers throughout their purchase journey to develop customer loyalty. Collect valuable customer information that helps in understanding their needs and ways to serve them better.

Protects Personal Information

Merchant and users sensitive payment data is secured with encrypted tokenized numbers to prevent fraud and theft. 

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Reduce Wait Time

By reducing wait time, Gocarts eliminates possibilities of abandoned carts and Impulse buys leads to overspending.

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Lowers Equipment Cost

Accepting payment on mobile devices cut down cost of equipments

"Great app for accepting payment like never before."

Felix Doughry
UX Designer