Faster way to pay Simply Scan, Pay and Go

Gocarts saves merchants costs of equipment’s by enabling them accept and process payments faster on mobile devices.


“Ease Of Use” Our mobile technology helps promote a cashless economy where shoppers are not required to use cash; cards or even carry a wallet. As a result of the recent health crisis, we are committed to providing safe technological payment solutions that reduces in store human interactions and increases business sales. 

Scan the item barcode at any of our partner stores and checkout.


“Your payment security is our concern” If you are shopping in store or from a street vendor, paying at the gas station or picking up a bowl of salad at your favorite restaurant, your security is essential. All transactions are processed in app on customer and merchant mobile devices thereby protecting their personal and business information from malicious POS attacks.

We accept all payment methods when authorizing payment on your mobile device. 


“Time is of the essence” All transactions are completed in three easy steps. Scan product, Pay via mobile app and Go- after verifying payment receipt. Our technology reduces in store shop time from an average of 35minutes to 5minutes. Try it, it’s that fast.

Verify in app purchase receipt on your way out of the store.

Inventory Management

Saves merchant time, money and fulfills customers needs. Enables operations cost control, proper management of supply chain. It’s mobile so it’s convenient. 

Customer Engagement

Engage customers throughout their purchase journey to develop customer loyalty and collect valuable customer information that helps in understanding their needs and ways to serve them better.

High Sales Conversion

Shopping experience is improved, sales increases, abandoned carts decreases, customers are excited and re-engages store.

Healthy Social Distance

We are focused on preventing the spread of Covid-19. All transactions are processed on your personal device. No touching public POS equipments and less human interactions.

Fast & Secure Checkout

Skip long lines by processing payment faster. Merchant and customer information is encrypted and secure with tokenized numbers to prevent fraud and theft. 

Improved Data Insight

Provides merchant insight on customers buying behavior to enable forecast on future demand. Optimize supply chain, generate more revenue by properly pricing and promoting products or services.



We are excited to provide technological payment solution that serves our communities and local businesses.

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